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The thing that strikes me is that a lot of pigeon fanciers want to play maximally and always hope or expect to be one of the winners. In the end that is only something which falls to just a few. In every competition there is only one first place. In addition, there are often some pigeon fanciers who practice the sport more professionally than the average person. In order to outperform these professionals, you will need good pigeons, good pigeon sheds and an even better strategy

I therefore believe that a lot of current or potential pigeon fliers could make it more attractive by looking realistically to their abilities regarding time, finances etc. and adjust their target to them. It is always a possibility to just focus on a number of competitions, go on a holiday and do other things while making an extra investment just for these contests. The successes that can be obtained with them could stimulate people even more. Everyone needs a little bit of success for the efforts they put in to it.

Due to my work I often return home late and every other week I am not home at all. As a result, my team can maximally train 3 to 4 times a week during the season. If I would also have to clean the pigeon houses, give their medication and train the widowers in this limited amount of time, I would loose my enthusiasm for the sport rapidly. That is why I choose for nesting pigeons. These can be kept very simply; they sit on a raster with straw, I only give them a cure for yellow 2 or 3 times during the season and the times I release them, I do this with the flag. In my opinion that is necessary, otherwise they won't get enough training. I only focus on 6 long distance flights and the rest is of secondary importance.

Without any changes worth mentioning, I do it like this every year. Every pigeon that isn't competent for this method, will drop out automatically. I hardly do any concessions, which are in general also not advisable.

De Joop
De Joop is a full brother of Teletekst Boy and Teletekst Girl. Belonged to my father, but came into my possession after he passed away. De Joop had acclimatized to his new pigeon house/environment in 2008 and
flew already 3 out of 3 with me at the long distance flights in 2008.
A pigeon that is always healthy. A product of my method.