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Medical treatment

The medical treatment is kept simple. For this season it has been for the first time that a paratyfus cure has been given. In addition the pigeons will sometimes get a cure to prevent them from getting Trichomoniasis (= yellow infection), but that is all the medication they get.
Young pigeons and breeders/breeding pigeons never receive a cure/treatment, causing the pigeons to increase their strength/resistance against diseases. Only if it is absolutely necessary, Nanne Wolf is being consulted, to complete satisfaction for that matter.

The pigeon's health has to come from the quality of the pigeon. If there are problems with the bronchial tubes, the cause lies in the pigeon houses or the pigeon itself. As my pigeons are concerned, the pigeon houses have been adapted regularly and the last problems regarding bronchial tubes go back a long time ago. Even the young pigeons never have a dirty nose cap anymore. Nevertheless my pigeon sheds are open day and night, having a completely open territory/area attached to it where they can move freely.